Can Radiesse fix these grooves that appeared on my tip after botched Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I was wondering if Radiesse or another filler would be able to fill these grooves in? Have no money for revision.

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Injecting fillers after rhinoplasty

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Fillers can be used off-label very successfully to improve the shape of the nose.  Normally, you have to wait until your nose is completely healed from the surgery and all the swelling is gone.  We generally recommend a hyaluronic acid product because of its safety and ability to be reversed.  Patients are often very satisfied with this type of treatment and results can last for years. Best of luck and make sure to seek out an experienced injector since this is a complicated area to treat and off-label.

New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Fillers May Be Used To Correct Certain Post-Surgical Rhinoplasty Defects.

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Sorry you are having this problem. Although the pictures provided are out of focus, it does appear that the postsurgical grooves can be filled via the use of fillers. Since a prior rhinoplasty can lead to subsurface alterations, such as scarring and blood vessel changes, extreme caution must be exercised in injecting a previously "surgerized" nose. In addition, extra caution must be exercised on the sides of the nose, unlike the spine of the nose, since important blood vessels are located there. This is not a region that should be left to novice injectors accustomed to treating ordinary smile lines.It is also for this reason that  I would be reluctant to use Radiesse, since this calcium-based product, unlike its hyaluronic acid-base counterparts, has no enzyme that can easily dissolve it should the need arise. Be sure to consult with a board certified aesthetic physician with experience and expertise in nonsurgical rhinoplasties using injectable volumizing fillers. Be sure to ask to see his/his before and after photos. And best of luck to you.

Nelson Lee Novick, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Radiess post Rhinoplasty

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In fact Radiesse is good filler to use for post rhinoplasty defects. BUT it is a delicate procedure and you should make sure that it is performed by a well trained injector. The product has to be diluted to avoid a "clump" and I usually do it in 2 sessions. 

Henri P. Gaboriau, MD, FACS
Massena Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Radiesse after rhinoplasty

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although the pictures are out of focus, this appears to be a post rhinoplasty defect and is not unusual. Radiesse should help but it must be done correctly so be sure you see a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon for treatment

Melvin Elson, MD
Nashville Dermatologist
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