Purchased 3 coolsculpting sessions a couple months back but I've been diagnosed with diabetes. Safe to continue?

Saw my doctor for some bloodwork this week and just was diagnosed with diabetes and fatty liver disease ( nonalcoholic) is it ok to do cools sculpting or should I give to my friend?

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Purchased 3 coolsculpting sessions a couple months back but I've been diagnosed with diabetes. Safe to continue?

Thank you for your question. These are not contraindications, however, I would let your CoolSculpting specialist know. 

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Coolsculpting is safe

I have attached a link that might be helpful...

Hi.  Having either diabetes or fatty liver disease is not a contraindication to coolsculpting, and should not impact your results.  Be sure to let your CS specialist know your new medical history before treatment.  Best wishes,

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Coolsculpting in diabetic

It is perfectly fine to perform Coolsculpting in patients with diabetes. There should be no increase in side effects or results.

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Coolsculpting and diabetes

Diabetes is not a contraindication to CoolSculpting. I would recommend speaking with your provider regarding this new diagnosis prior to continuing with your treatments so that they are aware of your complete medical history. 

Marine Demirjian, MD
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Coolsculpting with diabetes

Probably safe to continue but make sure to mention this to the practice where you purchased the treatments. Diabetes and coolsculpting hasn't been extensively studied. I don't foresee any issues but I'd suggest trying it on a small area and then waiting 12 weeks to try it on the actual areas you wanted to coolsculpt.

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CoolSculpting safe in controlled diabetes

There is no contraindication to having CoolSculpting performed with diabetes or fatty liver disease. The most important aspect is there are no hernias at the site as well being within a reasonable weight of your ideal weight. If there is any concern check with your provider

All the best
Dr Soni

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Cool Sculpt after diabetic diagnosis & fatty liver disease

While no documented contraindication to the above with cool sculpting I would discuss this with the physician provider you sought treatment with. In my practice we would take the diagnosis in to account and discuss with you because although clinical studies show it's safe you have to remember Cool Sculpting has been studied on healthy, well patients. Or... keep it, make sure your health is stable and then discuss your options again with your provider. Hope that helps. We have treated patients however with DM before without  problem. 

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CoolSculpting and Diabetes

There is no contraindication stating you cannot do CoolSculpting if you have diabetes.  You can always check with your physician to make sure he/she feels it is safe for you specifically.  If you are overweight, you may want to lose weight before doing the CoolSculpting treatment for better results.  

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
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