Do I have ptosis on my left eye? If so how can I remedy the obvious difference between eyelids? (Photos)

Do I have ptosis on my left eye? If so how can I remedy the obvious difference between eyelids?

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Looking at your photos is does appear that you have a very mild ptosis in the left eye.  I would suggest a complete examination by an oculoplastic surgeon.  It is important, especially when evaluating ptosis, to be examined in person.  The eyelids are constantly in motion, and are influenced by the position of the eyebrow.  So an examination in person is best to be able to then make recomendations.

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Thank you for sharing your problem and photo. It appears that you might have ptosis of your upper eyelid and compensate by elevating your eyebrow. This requires comprehensive evaluation in person by an Oculoplastic Surgeon.  Good luck,

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Facial Asymmetry

Hi Haiba,Thanks for your question and photo. Looking at your picture, I do not think you have ptosis. The difference in appearance that you are noticing is related to some facial asymmetry (well within normal limits) causing drooping of your right brow compared to your left. This creates a more full appearance to your right upper lid than your left. One less invasive option to try that you might benefit from would be a trial of botox to your left brow. This would even out the height of your brows and create more symmetry. I would seek out a consultation with a skilled oculoplastic surgeon in your area. Good luck!

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You need a personal consultation to really assess what is going on here.

You have a hollow left upper eyelid and elevated eyebrows.  The left upper eyelid is microscopically ptotic.  This may be consistent with latent ptosis and a personal consultation is really needed to get to the bottom of your issues.  I would recommend getting more than one opinion before proceeding with any work here.

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