PS did a diff op than requested, now what? (Photo)

I requested a mini tummy tuck with a short incision and no movement of the belly button. I was reassured all would be fine. Here are the after photos of a poorly preformed FULL TT, uneven, high incision. There is no undoing this, but what can I do? How did this happen??

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Tummy tuck issue

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Sorry that your operation was not what you expected. This might be related to some communication error between you and your surgeon. At this point, you have to allow things to heal.  Scars may  not be symmetrical on each side because of the differences between the two side in terms of anatomy and skin elasticity.  If that eventually really bothers you, perhaps in a year or so when the tissues are a bit softer and pliable, it can be lowered a bit.

Plastic Surgeon did a different surgery than requested, now what?

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I am sorry that this occurred.  It is unfortunate to hear that you agreed upon a mini tummy tuck before surgery and your surgeon performed something more invasive.  

At this point, concentrate on recovering and healing.  Once your incisions have healed, you need to find a board certified Plastic Surgeon who is comfortable performing tummy tuck revisions.  It may be possible to lower your scar down to below your underwear line.  

You should also ask your surgeon to explain what happened here.  Ask him to see the notes written after your office visits prior to your surgery.  Did he document that he would be performing a mini tummy tuck?  Or did he say a full tummy tuck?  Best of luck to you. 

High incision after tummy tuck

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I am sorry to hear about you situation. There is not much that can be done now except scar treatment to get the scar to fade as much as possible.  

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