What procedure is necessary to lift the eyebrows, giving one more eyelid space?

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Eyebrow Lift

There are many options to lift the eyebrows from Botox injection to various surgical options. What will work for you depends on many things. See a plastic surgeon experienced in facial rejuvenation including both of these options.

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Brow lift

A browlift is used to lift the eyebrows to improve a low brow, angry looks, sad look, or heaviness on the upper lids.  Care has to be taken not to lift the brows too high to give a patient a surprised look.  We perform 9 different browlifts so it's important to see a plastic surgeon who can determine the best lift for you.  Browlift can also be achieved nonsurgically using Botox or Ultherapy.  These usually give you half of a surgical browlift result but a result nonetheless with almost no downtime.  This is very popular and affords patients an improvement without taking time off of work for recovery. 

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Eyebrow lift

there are many options available to you to elevate an eyebrow.  It will depend on your anatomy, hairline, etc.  Make a consultation with someone who does a lot of eyebrow work to discuss the possibilities. 

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Lift the brows to "give more eyelid space"

Many people look at the extra fullness in their upper eyelids and lay the blame on "extra upper eyelid skin", and they request upper lid blepharoplasty. This conclusion ignores the contribution of "droop" of the eyebrows, which, in many cases, is considerable. A simple test to determine the cause of upper lid "crowding" is to look straight into a mirror and simply raise the eyebrows. If this  maneuver "clears" out the excess, then the procedure needed is a browlift (or, more precisely, a forehead lift), because actively lifting the brows actually does nothing to the upper eyelids, and the improvement seen is achieved from doing a brow "lifting" action. If there is still some "crowding" when this manever is done--but the area looks better--then some eyelid skin removal, in addition to the browlift, would be best. Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your situation, and go over the options for incisions and the components your surgery would include. Best of luck!

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Eye Lid Space

On consultation I would be assessing how low your brow position is & how much excess skin you have on your upper eyelid area.

An Endoscopic Brow/Forehead Lift is great for elevating the brow position and correcting lines on the forehead & in between the brows areas. Which will also reduce how often you would need Botox Injections( if you are already doing that non surgical treatment.)  The Blepharoplasty procedure will allow us to remove excess skin that rest low on your lash line. both procedures are often time combined together. Depending on your anatomy you may need both procedures or one of them . 

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Browlift procedure

A brow lift procedure is performed to lift low set eyebrows have more eyelid space.  The Brow lift procedure not only addresses  lifting the eyebrows, but also make the eyebrows more symmetrical. In addition, the hairline  can be raised or lowered placement of the incision. The scowling muscles of the forehead can be surgically softened to help lessen prominent forehead wrinkles.  For more information  and many examples of  brow lift procedures, please see the link and the video below

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What procedure is necessary to lift the eyebrows, giving one more eyelid space?

Basically you were talking about a brow lift. The individual technique would vary with the plastic surgeon as well as your individual anatomy. Botox injection may also be of some help. Your next step would be to see a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Good luck to you.

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