Post mole removal advice, scarring has some wierd color to it (Photo)

I had a mole shaved off on August 6th for practical reason ( had this mole since a childhood) It took quite some time for it to heal, about 3 weeks. Doctor told me to keep it moist, which I did but i still had scab formed and it eventually pilled off, leaving colored section on one side. Usually scars are white(ish) but this one has some color to it on one side. It does not bother me, no itching, nothing. Just looks wierd. I do have tendency to over thinking and obsessing about my health.

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Early days

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the younger and paler skinned you are, the longer scars take to fade. 

At 6 weeks or so, this colour is not unusual. I expect the colour to continue to fade over the next 3-6 months. 

Hope that helps

Adam Goodwin

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