Help! Do I have a pinched nostril? (Photo)

I had a revision rhinoplasty. My primary surgery was to correct a hump and narrow the tip but it seemed not much was done so my surgeon did a revision one with alarplasty . Its been 7 days i know its not much and theres swelling but my left nostril has a very weird shape as it was "collapsed" (it doesnt move when i breathe nor do i have trouble breathing) but it has a very unpleasant look to it. Will the look of it improve or will i have to go for revision again??

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Pinched nostril?

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Since you just had surgery, and you also did not show preop photos, it is too hard to say.  Best to give it time to heal first.  Good luck.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

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It would hard to assess your nose without seeing your pre operative photos. Needless to say that base view asymmetry is not uncommon in the immediate post operative period and it can improve in time. Your front view looks symmetrical and that's what matters the most as not many people would look up your nose. Check with your surgeon before making any decisions. Hope this is helpful.

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