Otoplasty - What is the difference between Stanstrom technique (cartilage scoring) Vs classical Mustarde technique?

Hi, Could you please describe the advantages and disadvantages of each of the methods. Thank you.

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What is the difference between Stanstrom technique (cartilage scoring) Vs classical Mustarde technique?

Both methods belong to the traditional otoplasties. With the Stenström technique, the cartilage is exposed and scored on the front and back sides of the ear. With the Mustarde technique, the cartilage is only exposed on the back of the ear and is not scored. Thus the surgical procedure of the Mustarde technique is less invasive than that of the Stenström method, but the relapse rate (the frequency at the which the ears protrude again) is greater with the Mustarde method than with the Stenström method. Therefore, the Mustarde method did not become generally accepted, or it is not often used.

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Hello Martin

Thank you for your question.
I believe you may be focusing on the incorrect issue. Ultimately your Plastic Surgeon's technique will use  a variety of methods, and even some combined. His expertise and experience result in his fine-tuning this combination. So, for you to make a decision based on the merits of 1 method over another means you will likely not make the best decision for yourself,

I recommend you consult with a specialist Plastic surgeon(called Board Certified' in the US, and 'Plastic Surgeon' here in Australia). Listen to his recommendations, tell him your wants and concerns. Look at his past surgeries. If you are not comfortable with his approach, then seek another opinion till you get the right option for you.

In my experience, the communication between you is of absolute importance.

I wish you well in your search.

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Otoplasty technique

A key element of otoplasty surgery is to create a well-defined anti-helical.  This can be done by scoring the cartilage, which will cause it to fold. Or by placing Mustarde sutures to make it fold. Sometimes the techniques are combined.

Best wishes.

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