Options to widen smile without visible Braces or Invisalign, and gum treatment? (photos)

Hi, I have a narrow arch and would like a wider smile. I do not wish to wear braces that are visible (or invisalign). What are my options? Also, my teeth have been worn down by bruxism, so I would also like the molars to be longer. How can I do this? Would I benefit from gum treatment?

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Options to widen your smile

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Hi Rickyduds!
To widen your smile, it might be possible to place porcelain veneers.  Also, by brightening your teeth a few shades, your smile will appear a bit larger, helping you to show more teeth when you smile.  
From your photo it appears as if you might grind your teeth.  You'll definitely want to seek the advice of a specialist in Prosthodontics or someone well versed in TMJ treatment and full mouth rehabilitation.  Many times there are underlying reasons for why people grind their teeth, and it is important to be properly diagnosed so that whatever restorative treatment (veneers and/or crowns) you consider can last a lifetime. 
I offer a free consultation and would be happy to see you to discuss further, or will gladly answer any questions and/or concerns you might have. 
Best of luck! Dr. Michael Gulizio

Manhattan Dentist

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