Looking for options to reduce the appearance of toe scars. Lasers? Surgery? (Photo)

had surgery about 12/13 years ago. I was young &unaware of scarring associated with the surgery. The doc said the scars would be barely visible LIES!! I hate these scars!! I've tried every cream out there over the years nothing has helped I seen a cosmetic surgeon last year who said that he could try to do laser but wasn't sure if it would help. He didn't sound confident enough for me to try it at the time.Should I try the laser? I think he using the fraxel(sp.) laser. any suggesstions? Thanks!!

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Scars on the Feet

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Thank you for supplying the photo of the scars on your feet.  Unfortunately the Fraxel laser is excellent but not for your skin type and scars.   These scars will be difficult to treat and can take many sessions.  The only laser that I would recommend is the eMatrix.  It would take 4 to 5 treatments to improve these scars.  For the best cosmetic results please consult a board certified dermatologist who has a lot of experience with these lasers and scar treatments.

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