Options to fix my smile? (photos)

I am 23 and would like to correct my smile. I have an asymmetric smile and my midline is off. But my main concern is my crossbite on my left 2 teeth and would like to fix this. I don't have any jaw problems or issues with chewing and only started to notice in photos that I had a cross bite. What are my options? Do I need traditional braces? Is Invisalign a viable option? Also wondering if I can get veneer for my right tooth next to my two front teeth? I feel bc it's smaller, it emphasizes my buck teeth.

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Smilemake over: not alwyas veneers

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Can you breath normally through your nose?  A narrow smile and crossbite are usually indicative of some airway issues at some point in your life.  As for your teeth, I suspect that orthodontic care can help you.  No surgery should be needed.  Some functional expansion and treatment should help you.

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There are ways you can correct this crossbite. Invisalign is a possibility. All your teeth would need to be repositioned in order to create room for them to be straight. Another option may be direct bonding on the upper tooth that is in crossbite. It can be made to appear as though it's in the proper alignment. It depends, however, on how much would need to be added to the front side of the tooth. There are certainly options for you other than surgery.

Invisalign. Cross bite

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Dear happynonsense:Yes!  You are the perfect candidate for Invisalign.  ... and in addition, you have beautiful teeth and, once in the right place, you will not need any veneers, or other  dental work.Please talk to your dentist, or call an orthodontist for a consult for orthodontic treatment with Invisalign braces.Best of luck,


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I notice there is asymmetry in skeleton which your chin and jaw going to left. To get the best results you would need orthodontics and jaw surgery correction. 

Majid Jamali, DMD
New York Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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