Nipples are misaligned after breast male reduction (lipo) and gland reduction (cut). Can I fix this? (Photos)

Will it be possible to have it aligned perfectly again? I had gyno growing up. Im thankful that my breast are reduced compared to how pointy they used to be but will i ever have "normal" looking nipples again? I do see a VERY thin layer of scar tissue on the edges. Will this prevent me from getting the nipples i want? Also, how much will a small procedure like this cost on "average?" Many thanks in advance!

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Nipples are malaligned after gynecomastia surgery. Can I fix this?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  Unfortunatley an in-person examination is needed to best offer treatment recommendations as it is important to identify the cause of your current appearance as due to the result of scar tissue, surgical technique, or residual adipose tissue.  Gynecomastia surgery does not move the nipples in any way, but the subtle scar edge irregularity can be improved upon.  Hope this helps.

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