Narrow nose, long mid face, close-set eyes, high-arched palate, big under eye circles - Where to start? (photos)

My main problem is my long face. When I smile my chin gets really long while my teeth seem to be receding. The worst thing is my nose because I can hardly breathe. Doctors say there are no medical reasons for that, it's just too narrow, is makes me breathe with my mouth and I have a nasal voice. I've been considering: a rhinoplasty including spreader grafts, jaw surgery with chin reduction, orthodontic treatment to make my jaw less high-arched with braces. What should i start with or focus on?

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Narrow face

this is typical of narrow upper jaw. You would need to see a jaw surgeon then orthodontist. Would have to probably widen your upper jaw and have some work done on the chin. 

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