Are my pre-op test results good so far? (photo)

once i decided i wanted to get plastic surgey i made an appoitment with my pcp and requested some blood work these are my results, after these results ive been taking 2 vitaminc 2ironpills and 1foric acid a day, will i be ok during and after surgery

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Pretesting results

All of your tests are within normal limits.  Once you schedule a procedure, the next step would be medical clearance from your PCP.  In New York, the testing is only valid for 30 days so expect to repeat them prior to the actual surgery.  Nothing in your results would be suggestive of a problem in terms of your underlying health.  Postop issues such as seroma can't be predicted based on your pretesting.  What we can say is that you are not at high risk. 
I think it was smart to have some preliminary blood work so that, before you begin the process of researching plastic surgeons, you know that you are a viable candidate for surgery.  Good thinking!

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Pre-op labs

  • The sheet of lab results shows that all the results are normal.
  • Your PCP should have explained this to you.
  • Surgical healing involves other things as well, but this is a good start to a good recovery. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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