Why Do my Eyes Close Better in the Morning After Revision Asian Double Eyelid Surgery?

Hello, I received Asian double eyelid surgery revision (lowering high fold) and slight ptosis correction 4 weeks and 5 days ago. I cannot close my eyes as there is a 3-4 mm gap on my right eye and 2 mm gap on my left. However, when I wake up in the mornings I can see that I can close my eyes more. During the day, my eyes stay open like they were before and cannot close as much as they did in the morning. Is this a sign that my eyes will be back to normal soon if I just gave it time? Thank you!

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Swelling in the morning allows the eyes to close

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Typically, in the morning there is some swelling present in the eyelid tisssue as a result of being in a horizontal position while sleeping.  This creates some heaviness to the lids which helps them to close.  During the day, the swelling diminishes, so the lids stay higher.  Your lid position will drop over the next few months, so most likely your eyes will eventually stay closed all the time.  Best of luck!

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