My Allergan textured implants gave me CANCER (ALCL) & now I must remove them. Can I put new ones in down the road? When? (Photo)

Biopsy tested positive for ALCL cancer caused by my breast implants. Going to have my 410 Allergan Naturelle implants (below the muscle) removed with most of the capsule. The surgeon says he can't remove the whole capsule because I'm so thin and the capsule is thin that it could collapse a lung or leave me disfigured. Thoughts? Also, he says he doesn't think I'll be able to put a new implant in under the muscle in two years (after cancer is for sure gone), I guess because of scarring? Thoughts?

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ALCL and breast implants

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Though extremely rare ALCL can occur in 1: 100,000,000.
ALCL can be very limited condition or it can be more aggressive. Diagnosis is made by examining the Breast Capsule, and or seroma fluid. One needs to ask the pathologist to stain specifically for ALCL and cell type T. cell.
PET scan, MRI are done to evaluate distant spread. Need the participation of an oncologist, plastic surgeon and pathologist to determine the best mode of therapy.
Complete capsulectomy is recommended. It can be limited to the capsule or the pericapsular tissue can be involved. Treatment is geared accordingly. And further re-implantation depends on the proper diagnosis and the treatment.
There are about 31 cases word wide, recent article discusses the treatment and follow up and outcomes.

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