Over 1 month double eyelid surgery but any exercise makes my eyelids swollen worse (Photo)

I had double eyelid surgery over a month ago but my eyes are still very swollen. I got back to weight training routine 3 weeks after surgery but I noticed my eyelids felt really tight and heavy when lifting weight so I stopped lifting and do light cardio instead but it doesn't makes any difference! It seems like when my heart rates go up my eyelids start to feel really tight! Also, my eyes tired very easily. It's been over one month after surgery, Is it normal to have these problems? Thank you!

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Swelling after eyelids surgery

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It can take a few months for the eyelids tissues to settle after surgery.  Some intermittent swelling is quite normal. See your surgeon for proper postoperative care and follow up.

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Swelling after eyelid surgery

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At one month post-op it is not unusual to have swelling, especially of the upper lids.  This is almost always exacerbated by exercise.  I generally advise my patients that it is ok to start exercise, including lifting at three weeks after surgery.  I do tell them that they may experience swelling for a few months and adjusting your exercise routine may be necessary.

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