Mole removal on face (Keloid tendency). Which methods of mole removal to lessen the chances of keloid in place of mole. (photos)

Want to remove facial mole I'm not sure if I have keloid tendency, but I have two keloids on sternum area. I got these keloids when I shaved my chest, I've no other keloids What are chances of getting keloid in place of mole? What method of mole removal would you suggest me? I'm confused between complete mole excision & radiofrequency shave excision Which method will lessen chances of developing a keloid? (imp) Should I take the risk? The mole is growing in size. One hair is coming out of mole

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Keloids and Moles

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It appears as if you have a genetic propensity for keloids. You will still run the risk of keloids but it would be better to shave the mole than an excision. Best, Dr. Green

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