Will the medication Apriso reduce the effects of Coolsculpting?

I would like to try cool sculpting but currently take Apriso for colitis. Since Apriso is an aminosalicylate will it reduce the effects of the cool sculpting?

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Apriso and Cool Sculpting

Dear Betsy, This is not a contraindication to cool sculpting and would not decrease the effectiveness of your results if you are deemed a candidate. Make sure you seek a reputable office however and always disclose your medications to your practitioner. Best of Luck. 

Columbus Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 65 reviews

Apriso and Coolsculpting

Taking apriso should not prevent you from getting the coolsculpting procedure performed.  As always check with an experienced provider to ensure you are a candidate

Hardik Soni, MD
Summit Emergency Medicine Physician
5.0 out of 5 stars 45 reviews

Will the medication Apriso reduce the effects of Coolsculpting?

Thank you for your question. Taking Apriso is not a contraindication and will not reduce the effects. However, I  would still mention it to your treating physician. Regards, 

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Coolsculpting and Apriso

Coolsculpting is not effected by Apriso or any other NSAIDs.  If you are a good candidate for Coolsculpting, there is no reason with respect to your condition or medication that you couldn't be treated.  Good luck!

Grant Stevens, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Coolsculpting and Apriso

Apriso should not affect the results of Coolsculpting.  The dead fat cells will be cleared no matter what.

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Apriso and Coolsculpting

Aprisk should not interfere with the results of Coolsculpting.  Coolsculpting is a great procedure to freeze the fat and dissolve the bulge and now with the applicator in only 35 minutes the treatment is even faster.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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Coolsculpting and Apriso

As far as I know, Apriso should not effect the results of Coolsculpting. Apriso is just a type of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and should not cause any issues with a Coolsculpting treatment.Andrew Campbell, M.D.Quintessa Aesthetic Centers

Andrew Campbell, MD
Milwaukee Facial Plastic Surgeon
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