What is the maximum amount of surgeries someone can do? (how many hours under anesthesia?)

I am interested in getting a BBL and adding some of my fat to my boobs as well since I already have a booty.( don't want it to look too fake and for the fat to go to waste!) Also lipo on my arms and chin. Just wondering if it is possible to undergo so much surgery in one day.

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It is not possible to assess what you need to have done and whether multiple things can be done for you without an exam in person.

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Anesthesia Time Limit For Plastic Surgery

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It's difficult to accurately answer your question without more info. How much volume is expected to be removed with your liposuction? Some large volume cases need to be staged and cannot be done in one setting, regardless of time. Will local anesthesia with or without sedation or general anesthesia be used for your surgery? In general, it's ideal to keep operations under 4 hours for purely elective operations. As a side note, in terms of logistics, how will your surgeon be able to keep pressure off of your breasts and your buttocks at the same time during the procedure once your fat is injected? Sure, fat can be injected while you are laying on your sides, but how will symmetry be adequately and accurately assessed when you're on your sides? Symmetry needs to be assessed in the prone position for your buttocks and the supine and upright positions for your breasts. In the prone position, you'll be putting pressure on your breasts. And in the supine position, you'll be putting pressure on your buttocks. Putting any pressure on the fat in the first six weeks after fat transfer, including during your procedure, can ruin the result. I always stage my cases for patients who want fat transferred to different sides of the body to prevent crushing and misshaping the fat and to optimize the end result. Best of luck!

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