Follow-up Question - What is going on with my Mastopexy? 7 weeks out and not looking great. (photos)

Asymmetry present at start, saline implants, 360 cc RT, 300 LFT to correct. Bleeding occurred night of surgery (8/5) in Right, Doctor didn't believe in pocket, started singulair as precaution. Suctioned 4 weeks after surgery in office. LFT breast enormous, implant palpable, rippling increasing. RT breast has never softened, high and hard in armpit, jutting out laterally. Doctor tells me to wear a band and a supportive bra but this result just looks and feels worse and worse instead of better.

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Mastopexy augmentation

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It is too early to say at this point. Give it 4-6 months to settle and then evaluate it again. Good luck with your results.

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