From male to female! How can I achieve this result? (Photos)

I've always wanted a more oval face. I'm going to start the transition next year, I want a result like the picture below mine, of course I do not want to look like a copy of that transgender woman because that would be hard to do and because I want to be myself, but I want her oval shape, which procedures do I need and how much will it cost?

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Facial feminization

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You would defintiely benefit from forehead contouring, scalp advancement and browlift along with cheek implants, rhinoplasty and mandible contouring. The forehead contouring and the cheek implants especially witl let the light flow in your eyes and make them more noticeable and attractive. HRT will definitley help with the texture and fullness of your skin but the bone/cartilage contouring will be a necessary step you will have to take whenever you are ready. 

Jupiter Facial Plastic Surgeon
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​Male-to-female transition how can I achieve this result of this transgender woman

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Male-to-female transition how can I achieve this result of this transgender woman. That picture sort of looks like you. Based on looking at your photos I think to change your feminize your face you would need some volumizing in the temple area as well as your cheek area . You can also benefit from some brow bone reduction and maybe a little bit elevation of your eyebrows to feminize your face I think so those are some of the main points. I would also augment your lips and mainly your upper lips mostly. I would have to see a side profile to determine if a chin reduction could help.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Facial Feminization Surgery

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Thank you for your question and photos. There are several areas that can be modified to achieve a feminine look, albeit, hard to promise exactness to the picture you posted. I think you need forehead contouring, hairline advancement (if you were not wearing a hairpiece) and browlift; these procedures will feminize the upper third of the face and give you more attractive brow area. Next, a rhinoplasty to narrow the nose and refine the tip and dorsum for a small and feminine (but not overdone) looking nose. The jaw needs to be contoured from the sides to create a sleeker look with less strength and more pointy than square appearance. A lift lift can feminize the area around the mouth and make it look more attractive. Consult a surgeon who has been trained in FFS surgery for more information. Good luck

Jeffrey Jumaily, MD
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Changing the shape of your face

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First, even though you are not transitioning until next year, consider having a consultation with an FFS surgeon to discuss non surgical steps you can be taking in the lead up to the big day.  Stabilizing you hairline, skin care, hormone therapy, and hair removal and all important things to know about.  After taking care of these other non surgical steps, there are several things you can do to change the shape of your face.  When compared to the woman in the other photo, you have a wider chin, fuller cheeks, and move volume loss under your eyes.  Cheek implants, a buccal fat removal, and mandible contouring will help create a more tapered and feminine lower face.  You also have some temporal recession of the hairline.  A hairline advancement could round that out and make the top of your face appear less square and lift your eyebrows.  At the same time the brow bone could be reduced and the bony orbits opened - that won't change the shape of your face as much, but would be the most feminizing of all of the procedures.  Finally, a rhinoplasty to give you a more feminine nose would complete the transformation.  

Bryan Rolfes, MD

Bryan Rolfes, MD
Minneapolis Otolaryngologist
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