Male facelift scars at 5 weeks. Any suggestions?

At 5 weeks after the procedure will the scars be fairly red still or are they easily camouflaged by then ? I have ability to get more time off work but would rather not if they will be mostly faded. Also I know it varies case by case I just wonder if in general theyll be faded.

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Post op healing

In general, your scars will probably still be pink at 5 weeks post op, but you should be able to camouflage them with some makeup. Giorgio Armani makes one that provides good coverage without looking fake. Hope this helps.


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Visibility of male facelift incisions at five weeks?

Generally I would expect some redness to be present 5 to 6 weeks after her facelift surgery especially in the mail.  Borrow some cover up makeup from your wife/girlfriend or go to a department store and get durable and for brief use.  Also while your incisions are red be certain to stay out of the sun.  Good luck,

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Unfortunately it does take time for facelift scars to fade-even in the best cases there will be some pink discoloration for 6-8 weeks. That said, they are typically very faint and not obvious after a few weeks. In addition, hair can be worn to cover the scars. Also, camouflage make-up can be conservatively applied to further minimize. 

Mark Hamilton, MD
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Male facelift scars

Although the scars from facelifts eventually are very difficult to see in most people, they are hard to camouflage at five weeks in males, mainly because we tend to wear our hair shorter. Everyone heals differently, but I would expect that a male would have to wear some dermablend during the first few weeks to adequately camouflage the incision.

Ben Lee, MD
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Facelift scars

Facelift scars stay red any where from six weeks to six months. The best option is to use a cover up such as Dermablend (available at macys). The idea sounds difficult for men but it works and is better than taking a long time off from work. 


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Male facelift scars

Scars take time to fade unfortunately, and at 6 weeks will still be red and evident. Hair can hide some of the scar, leaving the beard slightly stubbily as well can assist. 

Rick Rosen, MD
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Male facelift

All face lift scars are likely to be red at 5 weeks post-op. These often go on to fade with time. During the early post-op period, light makeup can cover the incisions pretty well. Most men can cover the incisions with their hair and I try to hide them within the ear notch as well. 

Steven Wallach, MD
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Scar healing process is time consuming. Be patient!

Scars and redness from surgery can be visible especially during the 6 months post-op period. You may apply anti-scar cream on the incision area such as Mederma. Scar gel such as Dermetrix or Cica care also helps reduce scar. 

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Early days

So depending on your age and skin colour, your scars can take up to 6 months or longer to fade to background colour. Fair skinned people and younger adults and children take the longest, maybe even a year. Older darker white skin fades the fastest. Asian and black skin can go either way. 

at 5 weeks things are very early so a change of hair style or a beard might be needed to do the trick

Hope that helps

Adam Goodwin

Red Incisions Post Facelift in Men

Red and pink incisions are very common (actually the "norm") after a lower facelift and necklift. These lines around the ears and into the scalp typically are quite noticeable for the first few weeks. Usually by a month's time after procedure the lines start to fade to more normal skin color. Depending on what you are putting on the incisions (creams/ointments/lotions etc.), the pinkness can persist for longer. Please check with your PS to see if they recommend avoiding certain topical treatments that may irritate the incisions. Universally it is recommended not to get any UV light on the healing incisions and make-up or cover-up is generally safe until the color fades.

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