Major numbness in thighs after body lift/TT? (Photos)

Could you please tell me if this will get better? I'm almost 5 weeks post op. I have numbness on both thighs (see pics for pattern). The right one has gotten better (it used to be as widespread as the pattern on the left thigh). The left thigh...I'm not sure if it's improved since I first noticed it when I woke up from surgery. I'm really worried about this as I know thigh numbness is not normal after a body lift. Could a suture be compressing a nerve? Will this go away?

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If the numbness is improving, then there is a good chance it will improve further. Many times this is related to swelling. Good luck.

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Numbness after body lift

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Hello and thank you for your question . Actually numbness is a frequent finding in the hips and thighs after a lower body lift . If the nerve is trapped it usually causes pain.

2 things will happen over the next 6 to 12 months.

1. Numbness will improve . 

2. The brain will accept the numbness as normal.

In other words over time the uncomfortable non sensation/sensation will improve until you feel that it is normal.

By the way , your early results look excellent . 

Peter Fisher M.D 

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