Lumps under eyes after Juvederm. Is it normal? (Photo)

I had juviderm one week ago under my eyes. Now I have lumps under each eye for 6 days.It feels like little "pillows", they are not hard. I try not to touch them. Is this Tynall effect, excessive filler or just swelling? Is it common and how long it takes to disappear? Please help.

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Filler after 6 days

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At 6 days out, this may just be swelling. It can take about two weeks for the swelling to subside.  If it does not improve, it maybe the filler and then you might want to consider dissolving it.

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Juvederm and undereye swelling

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Juvederm is not my preferred filler for injecting the tear troughs mainly because it is hydrophilic and retains water. This appears to be the case with you. I would wait 1-2 weeks to see if the swelling improves. If not, I would probably consider having it reversed with hyaluronidase and then reinjected using a more appropriate filler for the tear troughs such as Belotero or Restylane.

Juvederm in the Tear Troughs

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Thank you for your question.  It is normal to have swelling and brusing after Juvederm for up to 2 weeks after the injection.  I recommend waiting the full 2 weeks and to reassess at that time.  If you are unhappy with the result at 2 weeks I recommend seeing your physician injector to discuss your options.  In the future I would recommend Restylane or Belotero under the eyes instead of Juvederm.  I wish you the best!

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Lumps under eyes from Juvederm

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It appears that you have swelling from Juvederm which can take an additional week to resolve.  It is a very hydrophilic product and I prefer Restylane and Belotero under the eyes.  Best, Dr. Green

Juvederm and undereye swelling

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Thank you for your question and photos. From your photos it appears that you still have some swelling in the tear trough area. This is common as it takes up 2 weeks for all swelling to resolve. However, Juvederm is not good filler for this area as it attracts a lot of water and is too thick of filler. You have the option to dissolve the filler with an enzyme known as hyaluronidase and having it filled again with a different filler, such as Restylane. Restylane is a good filler for the tear troughs as it is a thinner filler and does not attract a lot of water. I recommend returning to your injector for evaluation and treatment. Best of Luck!

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JUVEDERM under the eyes.

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There is a Juvederm product that is good for under the eyes- that is VOLBELLA, and the properties are very similar to Restylane. I can see what you are referring to. Personally, I would massage the area, give this 3-5 days, before seeing your injector for advice. For the tear tough and under the eyes, its always best to under correct IMO. 
All the bestDr Davin Lim 
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