How long should you wear your compression garment after a BBL?

How long do you have to wear your compression garment after the surgery? I am 2 months post op and the garment limits the cloths that I can wear without being able to see it....

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How long should you wear your compression garment after a BBL?

Generally, a binder for two weeks and then a light compression like spandex for two months after BBL.

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BBL and garment

I prefer that patients wear the garment for about 3-6 weeks. You are probably good to go at two months, but I would check with your surgeon.

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At two months postop it is probably safe to stop wearing your compression garment.  The purpose of a compression garment is to decrease swelling and to give you comfort.  At this stage it is probably having very little effect on your final outcome.  Discuss this matter further with your surgeon for his recommendation.

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