How Long Does Tissue Hardening Occur After Asian Double Eyelid Surgery?

I underwent revisional double eyelid surgery and slight ptosis correction in Korea 7 weeks and 2 days ago. I am unable to close my eyes fully--very little improvement. My surgeon tells me that it is because of tissue hardening that will continue until 3 months and then relax. My symptoms should be gone in 6-12 months. Is he correct? One important thing: I can close my eyes almost fully when I wake up in the mornings but then it gapes open later on. Does this mean that my condition will improve?

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Incomplete eyelid closure after Asian eyelid surgery



You likely will do fine and your surgeons are likely correct although I can't be sure without and exam.  What many Asian patients are in the habit of is having active muscle tone in the forehead which keeps you from closing the lids completely.  I see this often and it should resolve.  Your forehead is relaxed in the morning. . .as you go about your day up goes the forehead.


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