Usually how long it takes to schedule a appointment?

I want to have a breast argumentation/implant during the winter break. But I am wonder are doctors working during the winter break? And if I have appointment now, am I able to have the breast argumentation before January?

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Breast augmentation

I usually work during  winter breasts when students are off from school. You would have to call now to set it up so that your preferred date might be available. Good luck.

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Hoe Long for an Appointment


The time for an appointment depends entirely on your surgeon's schedule. You will need to book a consultation and then get on the surgery schedule. I would suggest you call your surgeon's immediately and let the office know when you want to have surgery. They can tell you if that is a possibility. Good luck.

Janet Turkle, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants

 Yes, many plastic surgeons work during the holidays.  It is a good time for patients to take off from work or school and have family members available in the postoperative period.  You should schedule your appointment as soon as possible to ensure the time you desire.

Michelle Zweifler, MD
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Scheduling a Breast Augmentation

Thank you for your question.

Many board-certified plastic surgeons, like myself, recognize that school breaks and holiday weeks are ideal times for patients to have a breast augmentation (or any cosmetic procedure) as it would require no additional time off from work or school and would allow them to recover at their leisure.  If you are interested in scheduling a procedure before January, I would highly recommend scheduling a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon immediately to ensure that your ideal dates are still available.  Another recommendation would be to ask the office staff if the dates in question are even a possibility so as to not waste any of your time.

I hope you find this helpful!

Stephen T. Greenberg, MD
Woodbury Plastic Surgeon
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Usually how long it takes to schedule a appointment?

Thank you for your question.

Many offices / surgeons try to be flexible and work with patient's schedules.  Best to find an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon and set up a consultation to be seen and proceed from there. 

I would suggest starting with the American Society of Plastic Surgery and/or the Aesthetic Society of Plastic Surgery to obtain a list of well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons.Then, I would suggest you visit a few surgeons whose practices concentrate on aesthetic surgery. 

***Ask to see lots of examples of their work and preferably speak/see patients who have had similar procedures done. Basically, patients should look at the overall "quality" of the outcomes achieved;  in other words, it will be important that patients see lots of examples of outcomes that they would be pleased with.  In doing so patients will be able to get an idea of each  plastic surgeon's "aesthetic sensibilities". 

Best wishes for a result you will be pleased with.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Breast augmentation

Hello and thank you for your question.  Many surgeons are able to make room for patients with tight time schedules.  I would recommend calling and scheduling an appointment.  The best advice you can receive is from an in-person consultation.   Make sure you specifically look at before and after pictures of real patients who have had this surgery performed by your surgeon and evaluate their results.   The most important aspect is to find a surgeon you are comfortable with. I recommend that you seek consultation with a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate you in person.

Best wishes and good luck.

Richard G. Reish, M.D.
Harvard-trained plastic surgeon

Richard G. Reish, MD
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We each have different schedules -- call  to set up an appointment and then y ou can find out when you can have surgery. 

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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It should be very easy to plan your surgery during your winter break, especially if you go for initial consult now.

An exam and consultation with a plastic surgeon now will allow you to discuss your options and expectations, including surgery during winter break. When you make your appointment, you can confirm your surgeon is available during winter break.

Harry T. Haramis, MD, FACS
Montclair Plastic Surgeon
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Scheduling an appointment

I make it a point to see patients within a week to ten days of any appointment request and operate every day.  Scheduling surgery requires coordination with the surgicenter and its availability.  When holidays fall on weekends, they close on the Friday or Monday for the legal holiday which limits OR time.  Anesthesiologists need vacations, too! I make the decision as to whether to work the vacation week each year depending on patient requests.  You should be able to schedule prior to Christmas week in order to recuperate over the holiday.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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To get an appointment?

Thanks for this question. Appointment times vary from practice to practice and actually between procedures. I specialize in breast augmentation and I make it a priority to schedule breast implant patients first and foremost. The wait list for tummy tucks and mommy makeovers and other surgery is a bit longer. In our office, we attempt to get breast augmentation patients into the office within a few weeks or less. Finding someone with a similar practice in NY should allow you to complete your breast augmentation in time to meet your goals. Best, Dr. ALDO

Aldo Guerra, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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