How long after Sculptra/Radiesse in cheeks can I get a cheek lift? (Photo)

I'm nearly a year into my second vial of Sculptra in the cheeks and was wondering how long would I have to wait to have a Suture cheek lift? My Dr injected the Sculptra far too low in my cheeks but was wondering how long I would need to wait for a lift. Thank you.

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Filler, Sculptra and Cheek Lift

Thanks for your question. It's difficult to give an adequate assessment based on your photographs alone; however, you needn't separate the idea of adding volume to your face and a cheek lift using suture material. In fact, there are new lifting threads that are made out of the same material as Sculptra that we are using to reshape the face. In your situation, it appears that rather than suture material, selectively adding volume can lift and rebalance the lower fullness of your face. While Sculptra, Radiesse, and Voluma are all good options to do this, a consultation with an experienced injector could more clearly outline the advantages of each. When we use Sculptra, we often refer to it as a liquid facelift, as it can be used in a way to make the face appear narrower rather than making the cheeks appear fuller. However, I would recommend at least 6 weeks before having a suture lift to allow the Sculptra to stimulate collagen and give a sense of what the final result would look like, prior to additional or unnecessary treatments with sutures or surgery. It's complicated, but I hope that this is helpful. Best of luck!

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