How long after receiving cool Lipo can I get regular lipo, if I'm unhappy with results?

I'm almost positive I'm going in for a coolsculpt mini procedure next week for my double chin. I've considered all my options & have taken efficiency, timing & risks into consideration. I decided to try a non-invasive procedure with the least amount of downtime first. If I'm unhappy with my results, I can try something else later! So! How long does one need to wait after getting coolsculpt to move onto traditional lipo? They said wait 3 months before going forward with kybella. Is lipo the same?

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How long after receiving cool Lipo can I get regular lipo, if I'm unhappy with results?

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Thank you for your question. Yes, waiting the full 3 months would be best before trying something new. It can also sometimes take 2 treatments to see the results you desire. If you are truly unhappy after these treatments, you can speak to your provider about other options such kybella or lipo. Ensure that you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist with expertise in CoolSculpting. Regards, 

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Lipo after Cool Sculpt on submental area

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Sounds like you have a good plan for your chin area. Remember it usually takes 2 treatments of cool sculpting on the submental area for best results and up to 90 days following treatment to see all changes. So with that being said, wait and see how you like your results before you spend more money on something you may not need or want in the end. Now that you've chosen Cool Sculpting give it the time you need to see results knowing down the road you can do surgical options if you seek more than what Cool Sculpt can deliver. 

Coolsculpting for Chin

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Coolsculpting works really well for the submental fat. Usually it takes two treatments but it would be easier to help you with photos. If after a few months you are unhappy or think you need more fat dissolved I would consider Kybella or lipo. Please consult an expert. Best, Dr. Green

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Coolsculpting for Double Chin

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Good question and an intelligent way to go about things Jessica!  Keep in mind that with Coolsculpting, most people will need 2 treatments for the chin area.  The guideline is 90 days post procedure to see maximum results and that's what I would recommend to you as well.  I would gauge the results of your 1st treatment and take it from there.  This is also what we recommend to all of our Lipo Spa clients.  Best of luck to you, Doc Halliday

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