How Long After a BA Can You Actually Shower? Some Ppl Did 2 Days Some Say 2 Weeks.

Is there a period u reach of healing b4 this is accepted and abt how long b4 the skin start closing up?

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How soon after a breast augmentation to shower?

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There is considerable variability with regard to recommendations for showering and no one right answer. Ultimately, you need to follow the recommendations of your surgeon. For my patients, they are usually able to shower by around 2 days though with certain precautions taken.

Shower after Breast Augmentation

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There are no specific guidelines for showering after breast augmentation. For my patients who have a trans-axillary breast augmentation with rapid recovery approach, I encourage them to shower and massage their breast the next day. The incision really is not strong for several weeks, but if you are gentle, then there is no reason why you can't get the area wet in the shower the following day.  I hope this helps.

When to shower after breast augmentation

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Each board certified plastic surgeon may have a different protocol. This should be in their post operative instructions. We usually see patients back day 3 post op. They can shower after that. No submerging the wounds. We continue to follow and advise as the patient heals. Contact your board certified plastic surgeon and see what their particular protocol is.

Showering after breast augmentation

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I generally advise patients wait until the second day after their surgery before they start showering, but you should listen to your surgeon.

Showering after BAM

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Hi, There is no right or wrong answer to this one. Surgeons will all differ on their personal preference to this question. My opinion is that you can shower straight after a breast augmentation. The skin will be closed at the time of the operation, and it should be healed within a week and at full strength by about 6 weeks. My suggestion is to follow your surgeon's advice.

You can shower 3 days after a Breast Augmentation

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Different surgeons will have different recommendations for when it is acceptable to shower after Breast Augmentation surgery, so it is important to follow your surgeons recommendations.  I personally allow patients to shower after their first Breast Augmentation post-operative visit (usually 3 days).  I usually do not recommend tub baths, or any kind of submersion of the incision, until two to three weeks after surgery.

David P. Stapenhorst, MD
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

Showers Help Patients' Recovery

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Thank you for your question.  The reason there is so much variation in showering recommendations is that there is very little scientific information to guide us...leaving it up to surgeon preference. Incisions take 72 hours to seal at the epidermal level of there is good approximation.  There after a dressing is theoretically not necessary.  The goal of a dressing is to avoid contamination of the wound leading to a surgical site infection.  There are other options such as dermabond which seals the incision at surgery allowing immediate showering without contamination.  It stands to reason that washing away oils and debris would be good for healing...not to mention make you feel better right after surgery.  There is really  no evidence showing that showering is bad for wounds, nonetheless you should discuss this with your surgeon.  I advocate early showering after sealing the incisions to aid recovery. Best wishes.

Showering after surgery

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Decisions about the time-frame to begin showering after surgery should be discussed with your doctor, but I have always encouraged my patients to shower the morning of surgery and the next day after their surgery. I would equate this to cleaning a scrape after a fall with soap and water. A gentle wash with soap and water in a shower feels good and keeps your skin clean, so I encourage showers after surgery. Please make sure you have someone nearby during your first shower after surgery as sometimes standing for a time can make someone light-headed.

Douglas Leppink, MD
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon
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Showering after surgery

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First of all, please discuss this with your surgeon who is in the best position to advise you on all issues of post-operative care.

Typically, we allow our patients to shower (in tepid water) 48 hours after breast augmentation. If we have used a pain pump, I would like that to be removed prior to showering. If patients want to take a bath, I usually advise of waiting a few days longer.

Post Op Shower

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I allow my patients to shower on post op day 2 . all dressings down to skin. soap and water with a shower. No soaking in a bath . cover the incisions with a gauze avoid irritation from the bra .


Paul Albear, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

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