Will Lateral Canthus Raise Up After Swelling?

Hello, I underwent revisional Asian double eyelid surgery and revision of lateral canthoplasty/canthopexy? on my left eye 3 days ago. Before the lateral canthoplasty revision, my outer eye corner was drooping slightly. However, it was raised to about 1 mm above the medial canthus. Will the corner be able to raise up more after swelling dissipates? I don't know if my eyelid swelling is sort of weighing down the lateral aspect of the eye. Thank you in advance!

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Lateral canthoplasty position in the early post operative period

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It's not clear from you question what the original purpose of the lateral canthoplasty/pexy was. If this procedure was part of a lower lid procedure, then the canthopexy will drop down over time. It is highest immediately after surgery, then descends as the sutures loosen up. 

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