Can Laser Hair Removal Heat Affect 1-year old Artefill (PMMA) in Tissue?

I had chin & jaw augmentation with Artefill a year ago. I am trying to thin out my beard because it is very dense & I get quite painful cysts/ingrown hairs (other treatments have failed). My dermatologist's laser (Apogee Alex 5500) had great results on my back, but I'm concerned it could affect the PMMA and/or soft tissue since it's technically plexiglass (possibly susceptible to melting?) I have some small PMMA lumps & don't want to make them worse or inoperable if the PMMA "melts" somehow

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PMMA (Bellafill) and lasers - safe?

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There are no worries with using lasers or any other heating devices. The PMMA "melts" at 160C and laser get to about 100C. Even HA has been shown to be safe with laser use and it is much more sensitive to heat than PMMA.

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Laser Hair Removal and Bellafill

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Laser shouldn't affect the results of the bellafill or irritate it. I suggest you see an expert for treatment.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Can Laser Hair Removal Heat Affect 1-year old Artefill (PMMA) in Tissue?

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Thank you for your query. Laser hair removal works by emitting little amount of heat. Although it does not penetrate very deep but it is still advisable to afrain yourself from the procedure as it may transmit heat to your fillers. Hope it helps.
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Artefill and Laser Hair

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Artefill is a permanent filler and special care must be taken with this product because of this problem.  Laser hair will not affect the artefill lumps.  Please consult an expert to avoid any potential laser burns or problems.  Best, Dr. Green

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