What kind of preparation would you recommend me before scar excision?

Hello! In 12 days I will have a scar excision between my eyebrows and would like to know what I can do before and after the operation to improve the healing? In 2013 when I had my last excision my skin didn't completely grow together (I must admit that I had smoked and eaten too less at that time) so today there's still a slit/gap noticeable. What can I do to prevent this from occurring? Thank you very much.

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The smoking does impair your ability to heal but the most important thing to understand with scars is that they pull apart as the scar heals and sutures are removed. Surgically, an incision site should initially be slightly elevated so that as it heals and pulls apart, it becomes nice and smooth. Also, I always recommend to patients to tape it for at least a month so that it counteracts the pulling of the incision site as it continues to heal way after the sutures are removed. Ask these questions to your surgeon. Hope this helps! Dr. Miguel

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Scar Care

You should ask your surgeon for specific advice, before and after surgery. Smoking cessation and proper diet is key, also scar massage after and scar sun avoidance after is important. Check out the link below to an article I wrote about scarring, as it may be helpful. Good luck!

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Scar revision prep

As a prep prior to scar revision, I would suggest good nutrition, application of Plato's Scar Serum, and intake of vitamin C. 

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Stretch Scars May Respond To Subcision To Raise Them Followed By Medical Microneedling To Blend Them With The Surrounding Skin

A photo would have been helpful. In general terms, however, you are describing the presence of a stretch scar, which often forms in areas under tension (like the region between the brows) resulting from the previous surgery. Certainly, smoking, which impedes wound healing, is a no-no, and should be avoided for this reason (and for many other well-known health issues, as well). Proper diet is also important for proper wound healing. And of course these issues would be important to discuss with your surgeon, as well as what measures may be used to diminish the re-formation of an additional stretch scar. 

That having been said, I would suggest another possible approach, one that I have been using for many years, to treating your problem that does not require surgical excision and closure and the subsequent potential risk of repeat stretch scars. Subcision may be used to elevate the central depression that likely exists. And this may be followed by the use of medical microneedling to blend the surface tone and texture of the treated area with surrounding normal skin. These two approaches, about which you can learn more from the archives of RealSelf.com, do not entail the risks of continued re-formation of stretch scars or stitch tracks, that exist with traditional surgical excision. Good luck.

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Scars and Healing

It is always crucial to stop smoking before a surgical procedure.  Smoking delays would healing.  I would consult with a plastic surgeon if you are concerned about the type of scar.  If the scar is red, it can always be lasered later with the V-Beam laser. Best, Dr. Green

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