Internal scar after hematoma on both sides: Will scar revision help get my face shape back?

i had a face lift and removed some filler. developed hematoma on both sides. afterward i developed to thick band of scar tissues where the hematoma was. makes my cheeks look huge and my face puffy and asymmetrical. dr said it will go away in six months with kenalog injections and massage, i am skeptical. hate my puffy cheeksc now. do they even do scar revision inside the cheeks (a triangle that goes from lower cheek to upper cheek). is there a chance i will get my face back?

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Face Lift Hematoma Causing Scar

I would suggest a second opinion.  Without photos we cannot give you a good answer. What your physician suggests is correct -- massage, steroid injection, ultrasound -- all can help soften scar tissue.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

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