INR and blood clots. What if the clots happen during the surgery?

My INR show .95 which according to my primary doctor is too low. He explained to me that I am at a high risk of blood clots during a lipo, however my surgeon doesn’t seen worry. He said he’ll give me blood thinner after the surgery. But with this condition and my family history of blood clots, why he can’t give it to me prior to surgery? What if the clots happens during the surgery and I die? I think is better to bleed a lot during surgery than to have blood clots.

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Blood clots

I advise you to be very careful concerning your decision making and consider having your family doctor refer you to a hematologist for more precise characterization of your risk for blood clots. If you really are at high risk for blood clots, I would advise you to think twice about proceeding with cosmetic surgery. 

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