Many injections of Hyaluronidase for Voluma p. Got 30% improvement. Is a 1 month break & RF good treatment in the meantime?

8 rounds of hyaluronidase in the 3 month course for 2 ml of voluma. after the third i began seeing a decrease by 5% each round. Yesterday i tried undiluted voluma (but on my chin where i never tried to dissolve yer) i still feel a thick rubbery lump from the voluma. i was thinking of taking a one month break from injections before resuming to let me tissues heal and try one more time. is it enough not to cause permanent damage? would rf treatment help smooth things (my dr uses. elos sublime)

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Hyaluronidase and Voluma

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Some HA fillers are more resistant to break down by hyaluronidase than others.  Voluma is relatively resistant to degradation but it does clear nicely and all the cases I have treated.  It may be worth checking dose of hyaluronidase that has been administered for your treatments.  I do not believe that radiofrequency devices or any other technology-based devices are helpful in removing Voluma noninvasively.

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