What is the indication of nerve damage in rhinoplasty?

I have had nearly constant pain or uncomfortable feeling on my nose and it radiates to forehead and sculp.

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Nerve damage

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If you are early post surgery almost certainly this is nerve irritation and will settle .I have seen a few patients over the years who have come to me from elsewhere with long term persistence of these symptoms and they have needed release of entrapped nerves from scar tissue and fascial grafting to help provide some more thickness to the skin over the nerves which can settle this

Nerve damage during rhinoplasty

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The answer to this question can relate to the stage of the healing process.  Early on after rhinoplasty, many times the nose can either lose sensation, or can be hypersensitive depending on the amount of work done.  Relay your concerns to your surgeon and he or she will be able to provide a reasonable timeline of events to expect certain results.  It is very rare to have permanent nerve damage after rhinoplasty.

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