Implants too high? 7 months post op. (photos)

I got 320/335cc natrelle teardrop implants.I wanted a natural look but knew that's quite impossible because I was almost flat.At my follow up my doctor said they look good but that he can understand that I think they are too high.He would do a revision,open the capsular at the bottom & that would help the implant to drop.But he said the implant wouldnt drop more than 0,5cm.What do you think?Are they too high?Is it worth it to do a revision?What if it gets worse or wouldn't change anything?

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Implant position


Thank you for your question and photos. The positioning of your implants is not likely to change at this point. it would be best to discuss the options for revision with your Plastic Surgeon in person as they know your situation the best. 

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Post op care after breast augmentation

From the photos it appears that your implants are in good position. Since you are concerned, it may be worth considering replacing them with smaller implants, rather then trying to drop them. If the capsule and muscle are cut, the implants may potentially drop too low. You should definitely discuss this with your surgeon. Good luck!

Are they too high?

From the photographs you have provided, it's my opinion that  the position of the implants look quite good. Here's what I would tell you if you are my patient. If you go back to try and lower the crease a half centimeter, this requires cutting some muscle and capsule usually. I find that the taller, shaped implants have a higher likelihood of bottoming out then round implants. Over time, if lowered, they may go to low. I would recommend against it. This is something you need to discuss with your plastic surgeon to see if the risk reward ratio is worth it to you. Good luck.

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Shaped implants

Shaped implants do not drop too much. If you are unhappy with the appearance then you might need to change the profile or shape of the implant( i.e round).

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Textured shaped implants

The textured shaped implants you have tend to move very little and I agree with your PS that they will not drop more than 0.5cm.  Overall you have a very nice result and it is exactly what some women desire.  If you are not happy with how high the implants are sitting a small revision with repositioning the implants 1-2 cm lower may achieve the more natural look you desire.  


Jeremiah Redstone MD

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