Implant not in place? Can feel through mouth (Photo)

I am not even a full week post op from getting a implantech verticle lengthiness chin implant. The implant was placed submentally but if I put my finger in my mouth by my lower lip I can feel the edges of the implant. Is the implant too big or is it normal? Cause I was under the impression that the full implant would sit along my jaw bone. Also I am very worried the implant already looks too big. How much swelling do you think will go down?

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You might want to contact your surgeon and get their opinion. Without an examination it is not possible to tell. If your surgeon thinks that it is not in a good position, then he/she might reposition it.

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Chin Implant Concerns

I would discuss your concerns with your surgeon regarding implant position and swelling. Ideally, a chin implant should sit along the jawline and not be palpable in the lower lip region as you indicated. With regards to size and swelling, your preoperative photos did not appear to show any significant projection deficiency so I am unclear as to what your preoperative goal was for having an implant. Fortunately, if you are unhappy with the size, shape and position of your chin implant it can be easily removed and you should be fine.

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Chin implant post op

Thank you for your pictures.  At one week, it is normal to be very swollen.  Men in particular swell quite a bit following chin implant procedures due to the nature of lifting the entire soft tissue envelope to place the implant along the bone.  As far as placement is concerned, it is a little early to tell if there are any issues.  Your doc should be able to explain to you where it was placed and how, as well as determine any issues with length.  It is still early on in the process, so don't despair! It is likely you will do great.  Just bring the placement issue up with your surgeon at the next post op visit.  Best of luck! 

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