I had a TT & Beltectomy, the stitches ripped 3 days after I got it, so the 4th day they restitched it & it ripped again! (photo)

I'm 14 d post op & stitches R being torn by this smelly yellow stuff & some blood. They were restitched 10 days ago. I was told 2 keep changing bandage & today I put hydrogen peroxide on it! The hole is deep & large & I don't see how this is going 2 close My tummy is bloated more than after surgery & I'm up 10 lbs. I also had a breast aug w/ implants from B 2 D but I doubt they weigh 10lbs! What do I do about my backside, i'm very upset. On cipro 500 mg 2x 4 -4 days 2nd round meds

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