I would like to get a non surgical nose job. I have heard that fillers and botox are the two options. (photos)

Which one should I get? I like how my nose looks in the front, but I feel like it doesnt look as good on the side, especially when I smile. What do you all think? Which points should I get the injections at? I am posting three photos: on in the front, one from the side (neutral), and the last one is me smiling from the side. Covered my eyes for confidentiality porposes. Thank you.

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What is an injection rhinoplasty (non-surgical rhinoplasty)

In this “liquid”, “non-surgical” procedure, a combination of Botox and facial fillers are injected to achieve the desired result without a scalpel. In the right candidate, a Liquid Rhinoplasty can even out irregularities along the bridge of the nose, make the nose appear straighter, raise the nasal bridge, or camouflage a dorsal hump on the profile view. Although you are technically adding volume with filler, the end result is often a nose that appears smaller and more refined. The idea is to change the way light hits your nose, creating a kind of semi-permanent contour makeup on your nose. During a liquid procedure, ice is used to numb the skin, and small needles are used to inject filler and/or Botox. Not all nose concerns are amenable to liquid, non-surgical, rhinoplasty, but if you’re among the lucky (or unlucky, depending upon how you look at it), you can skip the pain and recovery of surgery. Results are dramatic and instant, and so are the savings!  As compared with surgery, non-surgical rhinoplasty saves time, money, and pain. For most patients, there is essentially no downtime, and the major downside is that the procedure is that it’s not permanent. Depending on the filler selected, the results generally last from 1-2 years. 

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Non Surgical Nose Job with Botox and Dermal Fillers

A non-surgical nose job is a nice procedure for a nasal tip that droops.  Dr. Ebrahim uses a little Botox underneath the spine to lift and a hyaluronic acid dermal filler in the nasal tip.

Shehla Ebrahim, MD
Vancouver Physician
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Non Surgical Rhinoplasty -- Fillers Like Voluma, Restylane, Juvederm

You really are a candidate for surgical repair.  If you use fillers it often can make the nose look larger unless you have indentations or asymmetry.  Please see an expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Using Botox and Juvederm to improve shape of nose

It is difficult to tell from the photo but my sense is that you could get significant and long lasting improvement from filler.  I prefer HA filers in this area such as Juvederm ultra plus.  It is critical to go to an injection expert who is board certified and experienced treating noses.  Botox can be used in certain areas in conjunction with Juvederm to elevate the tip. The results are often remarkable and can make the tip appear "lifted" by weakening certain muscles around your nose and altering the way light and shadow reflects on the nasal bridge.  

Joseph A. Eviatar, MD, FACS
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Botox will improve how nose looks when you smile, Fillers will improve your bony profile of your nose

For a Non surgical nose job:  One could certainly have both Botox and Fillers. Botox will improve how nose looks when you smile, Fillers will improve your bony profile of your nose.  In other words, Botox is done at the base of the nose ( the part between your nostrils) to stop the overactive pull on the tip of your nose ... pulling it down when you smile. Fillers are done to improve the bony upper part of your nose ( the area where your nose starts between your eyes).

Ritu Malhotra, MD
Cleveland Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Botox vs filler for nose

Botox can be injected at the base of the nose in order to weaken the muscle that pulls the tip down. So with botox your tip will descend less with smiling. Fillers for the nose can be added to raise the bridge, hide a bump on the bridge or increase the amount your nose sticks out (projection). Good luck. Best Dr H 

Sanaz Harirchian, MD
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Non-surgical rhinoplasty goals

Hi.  First off your pics are selfies which makes the pictures distorted.  Look at your front view.  Where are your ears?  Im sure you have ears but a selfie makes the ears sweep back and almost disappear while making the central part of the face wide and distorted.  Have a friend take new pictures with the camera at least 6 feet away and zoom in. From the side you have blocked your eyes.  A true nose analysis compares the nose to the rest of the face mainly eyes and lips. You cannot block the eyes.  To determine if you are a candidate for a non-surgical nose job requires assessing the nasal starting point as it relates to your upper eyelid crease.  Impossible to tell based on these pictures.  But if I had to guess I would say addition of Restylane to the upper part of the nose and one drop to the tip can give you a straighter bridge and a natural look.  Surgically you would go for a smaller nose and a lower bridge most likely but again need accurate photos.  Also from the front, one side of the tip is more indented which can be nicely corrected nonsurgically giving you a more symmetric front view as well.  

Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS
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Non-Surgical Nose Job

Fillers are great at smoothing out contour, filling dents and camouflaging slight asymmetries.  Botox can help lift the tip slightly and relax the underlying muscles which make "bunny lines."  It is important to remember that fillers and Botox do not make the nose smaller.  So, choosing surgical versus non-surgical depend on your goals.  
Good Luck

David Shafer, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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OK to do both

Both fillers to raise areas of the nose, and Botox to relax muscles can help as part of a non-surgical nose job. In your case, both will help.Best wishes,  Dr. Denkler

Keith Denkler, MD
Marin Plastic Surgeon
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Botox & Fillers Can Work Well For A Nonsurgical Nose Job

From the profile views, it appears that the nasal tip points a bit downward with smiling. There also appears to be a very small dorsal hump at the bridge area. The downward pull of the tip may be released with one or two microdroplets of Botox placed at the base of the nose--between the columella and the superior portion of the white lip---and the dorsal spine of the nose straightened with a filler. For the latter, Restylane Lyft would be my choice in my Upper East Side Manhattan office and Hyaluronica 2 in my Israel satellite facility, where a far greater number of regulatory agency approved fillers are available. Both procedures performed together should not take more than  a total of five minutes in experienced hands. Be sure to consult with a board certified aesthetic physician with experience and expertise in nonsurgical nose jobs, and of course ask to see his/her before and after photos. Best of luck.

Nelson Lee Novick, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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