I have slightly hypoplastic asymmetry in my face and I want prices for jaw correction surgery or something? (Photos)

Title. My face looks normal in the mirror but my actual not flipped over image is obviously asymmetrical. I feel like one of the nostrils might be lower, I think I have hypoplastic features, the thing that kills me is my jaw. On one side it looks regular kind of defined and on the other side my jaw just completely goes in, my chin goes to one side kind of like Kat Graham, What procedures could fix this and what are the average to most expensive prices so I know how much I need to save up?

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Your upper and lower jaws are 'tilted' and the base of the nose 'sits' on the upper jaw; so it is tilted as well. This is quite common. One side of the lower jaw grows longer, swinging the chin off center; and the upper jaw 'follows' and despite a good 'bite', the 'bite plane' is tilted. 

A maxillofacial surgeon will give you more information. The correction is very 'basic' to a Maxillofacial surgeon. Further 'detailed' work on the jawline can follow if you still feel you want more idealized symmetry.

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