I just got my skin biopsies for atypical moles. They both came back as ​ moderately dysplastic nevus. What should I do?

I just got my skin biopsies for moles on my left foot and the back of my scalp. My doctor would like to fully remove both. According to him, they both have a very slight chance of becoming cancerous. The process would render it hard to walk and near impossible to exercise for almost a month. For something that only has a mild chance of cancer, this seems like more trouble than its worth. What should I do? Also, it might be worth noting that I'm twenty years old.

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Dysplastic Nevus

If the pathologist recommends re-excision of the mole then the mole has atypical cells that could cause cancer. It is not up to your dermatologist but rather the pathologists' recommendations.  Please consult an expert. Best, Dr. Green 

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Dysplastic Nevus, biopsy proven

I think that you should have it taken off. Dysplastic nevus means that the cells are not typical and show signs of being suspicious. Why not take them off? I dont see why your down time would be as long as you described. You may want to request a copy of the biopsy report to have for your records. If the moles change more and you need to see a doctor in the future, you will at least know what the cells looked like when you had the first biopsy. I suspect the doctor did the biopsy because something did not look right. I would strongly suggest you take your dermatologists advice and get it removed.

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