I have a Seroma that appears persistent. so annoying! Dr. Says no other action is needed. (photos)

I feel my stomach is not flat anymore. Full TT on 3/10/16. drains out at 2 weeks I got a Seroma. Still swell w salty foods & knot under breast bone mid day. I don't think I wore the right amount of compression. I am having it aspirated every 2-3 weeks and it's about 30cc's at 3 weeks. Dr. Says it's noticeable because I'm thin (160) otherwise it wouldn't show or be bothersome. He said no other course is needed and it will EVENTUALLY GO AWAY. Your thoughts? Because it seems as if some Dr.'s don't want 2 b bothered after they are paid.

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Abdominoplasty seroma

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thanks for your question  The photos did not address the fullness.  Seromas persistent for 4 months with consistent drainage volumes every three weeks rarely go away on their own. If not treated, they can be permanent.  Every surgeon deals with seromas, as it is a common sequela of doing surgery. I have treated them by injecting a medicine to cause scarring of the seroma pocket which has worked many times. You might want to research the Internet for possible treatments and present them to your surgeonBest of luck

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