I had a rinoplasty, deviated septum, NVC, turbunite reduction and bone spurs.

I'm 5 weeks post op and still scabbing A lot more than what the doctor likes . I one huge scab in my entire left nostril and the exact same way on the right side and the hole that I have between the nostrils was filled with a scab that was connecting both sides. And continue on down my sinuses and all the scabs we're all connected and was hard as concrete! Please any suggestions

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Nasal scabs post rhinoplasty

Hard scabs that form after rhinoplasty can be removed only by the surgeon under direct visualization in the office.Once that has been accomplished then you can start using saline irrigations to keep the area moist and prevent further scabbing.


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Crusting after rhinoplasty

Hi, This is fairly common after rhinoplasty. Using saline sprays can help relieve some of this. Try and not pick at it, as this can cause it to bleed and scab again. Keep neosporin ointment and saline sprays over it to keep it slightly moist and make sure you keep following up with your doctor. 

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Nasal crusting

Thanks for your post. Crusting or scabbing are very common in the weeks following nasal surgery, especially when there is correction of your septum, turbinates and/or sinuses. Nasal sprays can help to soften these crusts, but for those that don't easily come out, your surgeon may need to remove them under direct visualization or endoscopic guidance in his or her office. Be sure to communicate your concerns with your surgeon. Good luck!

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Post Operative

Thanks for your post. Dried mucous, blood and scabs which accumulate in your nostril area post operatively are best removed by your physician. Your doctor will likely try to soften the scabs with saline, hydrogen peroxide on q-tips and then perform a simple cleaning or debridement. This is a common problem, easily remedied with a simple office visit to your surgeon. Please contact your physician for assistance. 

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