I need a Revision Rhino Dr on East coast

I need a Revision Rhino Dr on East coast who is not paying PR for reviews and is honest and knows how to do a nasal deprojection, in addition to other things! Thank you!

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Revision nose

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doingrhinoresearch, experience and specialization is very important. I've specialized in facial plastic surgery since 1988 and have done a lot of primary and revision rhinoplasties. Over the years the percentage of revision rhinoplasties has increased and become a greater and greater percentage of my overall number of rhinoplasties.  To become good at revision work takes years of experience, the ability to honestly critique your own work over time and some god given talent. I would suggest that you find plastic and/or facial plastic surgeons that have over 20 years of experience and perform a high volume of revision rhinoplasties. Look at photos and interview with at least 3 separate physicians. Go with the one who you feel is the most qualified. Good luck! See video!

Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Revision rhinoplasty

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See an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon who had done  many rhinoplasties before having your nose revised. We can try to make you happy again. 

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Do your diligence

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although you only have to bat .300 to make it to the cooperstown, a rhinoplasty expert who has a 95% success rate will still leave 5% of their patients unhappy The decision to undergo a revision rhinoplasty needs to be considered carefully..Unfortunately, unsatisfactory results and secondary deformities from primary rhinoplasty are all too common.... like many other advances in science, technology, etc. the techniques and approach to rhinoplasty have become significantly refined over the last 20 years..... much of what is done now by qualified rhinoplasty specialists is much more 'constructive' than the 'destructive' methods of the past.... still many patients have suboptimal surgeries that result in asymmetry, over-resection of supporting structures and ultimate collapse over time. You need a thorough evaluation and a well thought out plan....you will need to gain the confidence that your surgeon has the skills and aesthetic judgment to fix your problem....17/20 'experts' are either fibbing or don't know any better....you will need to see several doctors to become convinced...find out who OR nurses and doctors go to and who their family/friends go to.... do your homework and be sure that your revision rhinoplasty surgeon has: 1. many years of rhinoplasty practice experience
2. judgment and techniques that have evolved over time
3. a practice focused on rhinoplasty 
4. a willingness to do difficult, secondary and reconstructive cases
5. an interest in teaching others how to evaluate and do rhinoplasty properly
6. a willingness to share rhinoplasty resume, photos and patient experiences with prospective patients good luck...

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