I had lipo to my back , stomach with fat transfer it is now 10 months and I don't have good results. Any suggestions?

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Hidef Liposuction Revision expert in Los Angeles

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Liposuction revision is difficult. In our office, we employ Hidef Liposuction Revision which includes liposculpting, lipocavitation, fat grafting, fibrous release, Brazilian cellulite treatment, and Exilis multi-plane tissue sculpting. Best, Dr. KaramanoukianLos Angeles

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I had lipo to my back , stomach with fat transfer it is now 10 months and I don't have good results. Any suggestions?

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I cannot give you specific advice without seeing some photos. Are you unhappy with the liposuction or the fat transfer or both? I think it is always best to contact your plastic surgeon as most will offer a revision at no cost or a discounted cost. If you don't feel comfortable discussing this with them or do not trust them to operate on you again, then I suggest you do some homework and find a board certified plastic surgeon that does a lot of liposuction and fat transfer procedures. Revisions are technically harder than "virgin" liposuction and fat transfer.


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You have the time to have the final results. Unsatisfactory results should be discussed with your PS to see if he/she can make some correction. My best wishes.

Derby Sang Caputo, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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10 months is enough time to be able to see the results. if you are unhappy then best is to consult with your surgeon who performed the procedure in the first place. revisions after liposuction are common. and most defects can be fixed with minor procedures. however, if there are major areas of concerns then you can always contact our office. i specialize in revision Liposuction you can watch some of the videos on my YouTube channel and see some of the cases I have done (link attached). 

Misbah Khan MD, FAAD, FACMS
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Lipo results

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If you are unhappy with your lipo results, you should consider reviewing the results with your surgeon. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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