I am having excessive hair loss. Is this androgenic alopecia or telogen effluvium? My hairline is thin, please help. (Photo)

Hello, I am a 25-year-old female. About 4 months ago I started to have excessive hair loss which came out in huge clumps especially in shower. My hairline has become thin. I did many blood tests which resulted that I do not have thyroid, iron or hormonal irregularities. The only one which resulted bad was streptococci bacteria. I suffer from my tonsils. I discovered that I have a tooth infection. I also have noticed that tiny new bangs are growing. Sometimes my scalp hurts when I touch my hair.

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You need a diagnosis.

You need to have a diagnosis by a doctor. Issues with your tonsils or tooth infection is not usually a cause for hair loss.   

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Hair loss in 25 year old female

When young men you age have hair loss, it is almost always genetic and easy to treat. In women, the causes are extensive and require a doctor to assess the hair loss and after examining you and taking many blood tests, determine the diagnosis. Don't through the term telogen effluvium around if you have a problem diagnosis that can be treated. Only a doctor's examination will tell you what you have as outlined above.

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