I have a crooked chin/jaw. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

It's crooked in a way that can't really be detected by mirrors, my flipped over image looks more symmetrical than my real one. I only found out I had a crooked jaw through taking pictures. Anyway, the right side of my jaw sticks out really far while the left side doesn't stick out at all, it also looks like my chin is shifted to the left. Can I be fixed? I added pictures. The one where my jaw's crooked is what I actually look like vs. the flipped over one. It's a lot more obvious in real life.

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Jawline Shave for Asymmetry

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With jawline asymmetry and assuming the more narrow side is the desired shape, a one-sided v-line jawline shave can be done. This is done from incisions inside the mouth where the protruding part of the bone is removed.

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